Laser and LED Light Therapy

Quality Education For Healthcare Professionals

Light therapy is as old as civilization itself. Every culture from the Mayans to the Ancient Chinese has used light to heal. Light energy is a fast, non-invasive tool that is incredibly effective in speeding the healing of injured cells and decreasing pain.

In this course you will learn:

  • What Light therapy is
  • Difference between Laser (LLLT) and LED
  • Effects of Laser/LED
  • Clinical Application of Laser/LED for specific conditions
  • Light therapy options

Our Students will also receive discounts from major distributors that will compensate for the cost of the course!
Learn how to seamlessly incorporate Laser and/or LED in with all the other wonderful services and techniques you offer.

The course includes a pre-class study, one day in class.

Basics of Light
Physiological Effects of Light
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LEDT)
Case Studies

“I was intimidated with bringing laser into my practice because it seemed so confusing but you made it simple and easy to understand. Great course!
Toronto, Nov 2019